CostaRica Marketing


These are the more important taks that we do:

  • Research keywords and phrases to select appropriate, relevant search terms. Keyword consultation.
  • Number of keywords is listed in the Prior to Start SEO report as well as the Google placement.
  • Site inspection to assess search engine guideline conformity includes: linking externals e internals, redirects, site and content duplication., etc.
  • Optimization of meta-tags related to placement optimization and including the text balance between keywords and the content… Services include consultation and SEO instructions to develop keyword rich content.
  • Upon completion of optimization – website shall be submitted to all major search engines and directories.
  • Optimization shall done with emphasis  for desired region or country or countries  en un idioma.
  • The FIRST PLACEMENT REPORT  reports shall be provided beginning second month.
  • Monthly SEO  Maintenance (Third to Sixth month.):  Monthly placement reports.  Scanning and analysis of page rank and placement reports, minor adjustment of meta-tags, consultation regarding–reciprocal linking and updates to site content as well as fine tuning.
  • Service includes regular manual submissions.